QPD's been building Complete Belt Drive Systems for motorcycles since the '70's
Before and After photos of a Matchless primary after receiving the QPD "touch" (note belt driven dynamo)

The QPD Belt Drive System includes:

• QPD Aluminum Alloy Drive Pulley
• QPD Aluminum Alloy Clutch Basket
• QPD Aluminum Alloy Clutch Center Hub
• QPD Plain Clutch Plates
• QPD Clutch Pressure Plate
• QPD Diaphragm Clutch Spring
• Barnett Friction Clutch Plates
• Gates HTD Toothed Belt
• All Necessary Fixing Hardware
• Warranty (call for details)
Pulleys in machining process (top)
Cutting belts to custom widths (bottom)
If it's driven by a chain, QPD can convert it to a belt drive and make it better in the process.
In the early 1970's, Bob designed and built his first belt drive system for a BSA twin. Since then, he's done conversions for classic British and American bikes including:
• BSA A7, A10 and A65 Twins
• Triumph Twins (all models)
• Norton Commando (all models)
• Norton Atlas/Dominator
• Matchless
• Harley Davidson Sportster
• Custom Bikes (see photo below)
to your outer primary cover with
the QPD Primary Belt Drive!
QPD provides a Complete Primary System including a Complete Clutch
The QPD Belt Drive System is just that, a complete system. It features Bob's unique clutch design that utilizes hardened steel posts in the clutch basket for the plain plates to track on. This prevents the snatching effect that is so characteristic of conventional "notched" clutch baskets and plates. The end result is a clutch that won't slip and with a smooth, light action.
80's Norton drag bike with a QPD Belt Drive Primary System
Triumph T140 with QPD Primary and Electric Start System
QPD can build a belt drive system for practically any application. Bob prides himself on challenges and he's ready to tackle your special project. Just give him a call and let him turn your leaking primary chain drive into a smooth, quiet power drive (click "Contact" from the menu below).
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