QPD's electric start conversion brings civility to classic Brit Twins and saves your knees too!
Big Norton twins are famous for their low-end torque but they're also known as "pigs" when it comes to kick starting. And let's face it, our knees take a beating over the years so many riders abandon their classic bikes because of the burden of manual starting. Norton and Triumph did offer electric start in their last years but neither had a good reputation for reliability. Over-complexity and lack of experience with electric starting big twins were (cont'd)>
Kenny Dreer commissioned QPD to develop an electric start for his VR-880 Commandos
In 2001, Kenny had his re-engineered Norton Commandos, the VR-880, almost ready for the market except for the electric start. Not wanting to go the route of the '75 and later MkIII Commandos, he sought a new and reliable approach to start his over-sized, highly tuned engines. Bob's proven design for Kenny is now available and includes all components and machining. Best of all no mods are made to that classic Commando outer primary cover.
The neat appearance of the QPD electric start for the 1973 Bonneville preserves the shapely timing cover.
the main culprits. Norton even called their's an "electric assist" due to a lack of confidence in their design. Bob Oswald saw better ways to approach electric start for both Norton and Triumph.
Bob builds prototype 750 Bonneville electric start system for Triumph
In 1978 at the request of the factory, Bob built and tested an electric start system on the 750 Bonneville. It was based on his previous successful design for a T140 using a Bosch snowmobile starter motor off the primary drive side. Triumph had too many worries at the time to institute Bob's system but you can take advantage of it now for your Norton or Triumph twin with QPD's Electric Start Conversion System.
Top photos - 1973 Commando 850 with QPD primary, electric start
conversion and final belt drive - the works!
Left photos and below - 750 Bonneville also with QPD primary, electric
start conversion and final belt drive
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